GIE supporting standardisation

The GIE supports all standards applied to information management

As an example of a standard, let's look at IOGP CFIHOS. CFIHOS stands for "Capital Facilities Information Hand Over Specification".

Built through cross industry participation to create a Hand Over (HO) Specification for operators, contractors, equipment manufacturers and suppliers to standardize the specification of information handover requirements for a project.

Standardise the specification of information

CFIHOS comprises of:

  • A technical specification document with requirements, rules and principles for hand over.
  • A reference data library containing a specification for equipment properties and supporting documents.
  • A data model for structuring asset data and documents.
  • A process & guidance document outlining best practice.
  • A set of requirements for implementation software outlining the functional requirements for handover systems.

    If you are interested in more information on the CFIHOS standard use the contact link below.
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