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Digital transformation

Understanding data generates business efficiency

Critical to effective digital transformation is a comprehensive understanding of what data an organization has, what information they can provide and how best they can be used to generate business efficiencies. The Global Information Exchange (GIE) provides a structure that facilitates this, ensuring equipment data does not lose strategic value.

The GIE leverages the value of data, unlocking new opportunities and supporting new business models. By using APIs, the GIE interacts with the systems you are using today - providing all stakeholders with access to validated and accurate information coming from the same location.

One source of truth

Organisations are using information in the GIE to streamline work processes & to generate informed decision making, working alongside existing Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) & Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) technologies.

The GIE enables a step-change, with progression to more efficient ways of working together. Traditional methodologies of teams working from separate information silos will be considered a thing of the past, helping us to harness the full benefits of digitalisation.

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