Supporting the pathway to global energy transformation
Energy transition

Innovative technology solutions

The Global Information Exchange (GIE) is an innovative technology solution that underpins our transition to net zero commitments using sustainable energy. 

Implementation of the data-driven GIE enables collaboration and insights - helping us to achieve the highest levels of efficiency and flexibility.

Sustainable solution

The GIE forms a critical component of the carbon capture & storage programmes, alongside integration of offshore wind, carbon capture & storage, offshore gas and offshore hydrogen energy systems.

Defining the future together

The GIE empowers cutting-edge developments that support future climate targets. It is a solution that facilitates effective data lifecycle management of energy transition projects, encouraging cross-industrial collaboration for all stakeholders. 

How we begin to work together today, using the GIE to gather, maintain and distribute data will help to define our future together.

Contact us if you would like more information on how the GIE is supporting emerging energy transition.

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