The Global Information Exchange is a key enabler facilitating the introduction of digitalisation, modernisation and transformation of processes in the management of technical supplier information. Based in the UK, the Global Information Exchange is managed and maintained by associate industry specialists working collaboratively from locations all over the world. The Global Information Exchange is powered by the SHAREcat engine.

Collect, Validate, maintain and share equipment information.

The Global Information Exchange is a single source of truth for equipment information. Records of uniquely identified pieces of equipment with necessary supporting Information, gathered from all sources and in all formats, will be stored once in the GIE. This information will be translated and shared with all companies, communities, Industries and regions who participate in the GIE, creating business efficiencies and cost savings to help stabilise business and encourage growth today and tomorrow.

Accessible by everyone. benefitting everyone.

The Global Information Exchange will benefit any company, in any heavy industry, anywhere in world, creating and connecting networks of companies who share common supplier information

Benefits of joining the Global Information Exchange
  • The GIE has been designed to create business efficiencies and significant cost savings surrounding the collection, validation, maintenance and distribution of standard supplier technical information globally across several industries. The data and documents collected from suppliers can be presented against any Industry standards ¬†which will allow suppliers to submit data and documents to the GIE once, where it will be validated, maintained and made available to all purchasing companies.
  • The GIE makes all technical information required by industries available. Each time a company purchases equipment from you, the necessary documentation and data you are required to supply will be collected in the GIE where it will be validated and maintained. The data and documents you need to supply to support your equipment will be clearly shown. That information will now be available to all purchasing companies who use the GIE in the format they require. From then, each time you supply a piece of equipment, you will not be asked to supply all the supporting documents and data attributes, avoiding significant duplication of effort and speeding up the sales process.
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