World's largest standardised equipment Information Exchange. Accessible by everyone. Benefitting everyone.

Enriching and improving technical information. Cutting edge AI & ML-technologies that power the Global Information Exchange

Help building standards in equipment information requirements between multiple industries

Our mission is to be the provider of the world’s first and largest exchange for technical equipment information, accessible to all participating companies in any industry anywhere in the world.

It has been clearly demonstrated that duplication of effort in repeatedly collecting the same standard equipment information in multiple formats, costs millions of dollars, across industries, for both asset plant owners and the supply chain. Collection and maintenance of information which is required to support the purchase, re-purchase and use lifecycle of a piece of equipment and the associated validation processes must be made more efficient.

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What can the GIE help you achieve: Quick facts
Procurement / Transaction savings:
$815K in man hours saved per asset each year by maintaining a unique record for each piece of equipment allowing efficient re-procurement
Maintainable tags with complete BOM
91% improvement in data quality by having all documentation and data attributes held and associated to equipment Tags
OPEX savings:
Reduced workload related to documentation and asset information typically 2 – 2.5 M$ per asset by maintaining a single source of truth for equipment information.
Inventory & SpareParts savings:
Reduced spare parts costs typically 10 – 15% by having SPIR information visible and shared across your inventory
Savings in a CAT A major project
197,093 man hours saved equivalent to $6,701,925 by dramatically reducing duplication in the collection of information.
Savings per Cat B project with 8K maintainable tags impacted
15,768 man hours saved equivalent to $528,953 saved by having instant access to BoM information for maintenance planning and asset integrity.

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Supporting the pathway to global energy transformation

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GIE helping to facilitate operational and late life activities

Asset information

GIE supporting standardisation

Our collaborative reference groups

The Global Information Exchange is working collaboratively with some of the worlds largest and most technically advanced companies, organisations and technology partners in global Industry.

Reference Group participants include

Oil and Gas              BP                   Shell                 Chevron    ExxonMobil       Eni       Suncor

Chemical                  T.B.A.

EPC Contractors    KBR                Wood               Bechtel      Worley

Engineering            Hexagon       Aveva               KrakenIM

Industry                    OGTC             IOGP                CFIHOS       JIP36 /JIP33

Technology             Amazon        Capgemini     Itera             Digatex

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